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Sidney Natuhamya


Graphics      Design      3D Art 

Glass of Milk

I’m a graphic designer who loves, lives and breathes design. I am have years of experience in graphic design, 3D visualization and production.

Let me help your ideas into reality.

My Design Work


eCommerce Designs

This is a collection of my eCommerce designs made mainly in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Most of them are designs made personally and are actually not real promotions but just experimentation of different techniques and designs.

Architectural Visualization

These are 3D renders of architectural designs. With inspiration from Pinterest and other sites, and a few tweaks. These are results from architectural drawings modelled, textured and rigged in Blender 3D

Product Visualization

These are 3D product designs made by me. Just like the Architectural visualiations above, these have also been modelled, textured and rigged in Blender 3D.

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